With 40,000+ plays and 75+ Likes, Skyrider Films’ first Coffee Talk show Tattoos & Muscles gains increasing popularity on online video sites.

 Tattoos & Muscles is about two college friends discussing about gay guys with tattoos: Are they hot or a real turn-off? Tim left the hottest jock in the world, as he simply can't have sex with a tattooed guy. But muscle hunk Marc usually gets turned on and believes, tattoos are hot symbols of a man's pride and masculinity. When the discussion about tattooed gay men gets heated, Marc tries to change Tim's mind with an unconventional measure...

Coffee Talk is an anthology web series about gay college friends confronting hot-button issues over a cup of coffee. „Tattoos & Muscles“ is the first out of six completed shows, covering topics like gay sports guys, men dressing feminine, gay dads, sugar daddies, and gay marriage. Mixing comedic elements with dramatic moments, each show presents the most discussed pros and cons about a topic in a very condensed way, and so seeks to develop awareness about gay issues.

Tattoos & Muscles runs about three minutes, is subtitled in five languages, and runs free on http://www.skyriderfilms.com. A preview of the second episode Football about a gay college football player’s fear to flirt with his new teammates is also online.

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