Coffee Talk - A Gay Series

Coffee Talk: A gay series with a unique concept, a strong social message, 100,000+ plays to date, and big reactions from festival audiences.

Coffee Talk is a gay anthology web series about college friends confronting hot-button issues over a cup of coffee. When emotions emerge and personal secrets are revealed, the discussion quickly goes in an unexpected direction, ending in a funny gag. The shows seek to develop awareness about gay topics in an entertaining way. Six episodes with a run time of about three to five minutes have been released so far, and run free on, Vimeo and YouTube.

Each show presents new characters and always covers another topic relevant for the gay community: Are gay guys with tattoos hot and sexy or just a big turn off? Do closeted gay athletes hide their sexuality out of fear? Is it okay for a guy to dress feminine? Why do gay men marry a woman and have children? Are younger-older relationships always based on mutual benefits? And finally: Is gay marriage really the gateway to happiness? In a funny and entertaining way, the conversations reflect each topic’s most discussed pros and cons in a very condensed form.

Coffee Talk short movies target a gay-friendly audience and everybody who loves entertaining shorts with a social message. As more than 50% of the online viewers come from non-English speaking countries, all short films are subtitled in major languages, including English for the Deaf & Hearing Impaired. For gay men living in countries, where homosexuality is still an issue and even prosecuted, Skyrider Films’ gay series Coffee Talk is a great source of information and surely gives them relief.

The following six episodes have been completed so far:

A big THANK YOU to all sponsors, Indiegogo contributors, colleagues, and friends for the ongoing support! And to all actors, writers, and filmmakers, who gave their best to make this gay series a success. And to our audience: Thanks for watching Coffee Talk and sharing the shows with your friends.

Coffee Talk is proudly produced in Chicago by Skyrider Films, Inc, a network of LGBTQ-friendly filmmakers, writers, actors and their friends.