Queer Bits Film Festival 2014
iChill Manila Official Selection

john-magana-coffee-talk-sugar-daddy-gay-web-series-posterI need a sugar daddy!

If you are broke but want to live in luxury, sugar daddies are there to help! Of course you need to be young and be an "impressionable beauty" - like college student Blake. He has just returned from a fabulous trip with his sugar daddy Victor to Mexico, where he pretty much saw the beach – and the bedroom ceiling. For his college buddy Riley the case is clear: The relationship is based on "mutual benefits." Is his buddy a ho? Coffee Talk Ep. 5 – Sugar Daddy contradicts the cliché of the gay sugar daddy and presents a more positive image of a younger-older relationship.

Riley - John Magaña • Blake - Robert Quintanilla • Directed by Anthony Peeples • Written by Cole Fowler • Director of Photography - Ryan Marshall • Assistant Camera - Calin Johnson • Sound Technician - Nicholas Cartwright • Associate Producer - Andy Reaser • Producer, Editor - Stefan Pfister

Special Thanks:
Elysee Applebaum • Laura Alexander Bensick • Stacy Austin Egan • Corley Pillsbury

Supported by Pride Films & Plays Chicago

Screenings & Awards
Official Selection Queer Bits Film Festival Chicago 2014
Official Selection iChill Film Festival Manila 2014

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