jessup-stokes-coffee-talk-gay-dad-web-series-stillWhy did gay dads get married?

College student Michael can't believe that his dad just came out to him as gay, while his buddy Brad met a great new guy last night, who's quite a bit older but so cute… Coffee Talk Ep. 4 – My Dad is Gay! is about gay fathers and why they got married. Please help spread the word by liking the episode and sharing it with your friends.
The one question that always comes to mind when talking about gay dads is: Why did they get married and have children in the first place? Another important question that comes to mind is: Did they know they were gay when they got married, did they find out later, or did they simply change their preference over time? In a funny and entertaining way, Coffee Talk's My Dad is Gay! episode explores one possible answer to these questions. With this short film, we hope to create more awareness about gay dads and their stories.

Michael - Jessup Stokes • Brad - Gregory Geffrard • Directed by Le Wang • Written by Travis Myles • Director of Photography - Ryan Marshall • Sound Technician - Nicholas Cartwright • Script Supervisor - Matthew Wrobel • Producer, Editor - Stefan Pfister

Screenings & Awards
Official Selection Pride Films & Plays Gay Film Weekend Chicago 2013

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