Cole Doman in "Dress" (Coffee Talk 3)Would you date a girly dressed guy?

Chris, a smart, fit college student in his early twenties, can’t understand why some guys dress so feminine. A guy is a guy and needs to dress like a guy. Period. But when his beloved college buddy Alex reveals a personal secret, he starts to to understand why Alex is okay with feminine men.

The gay web series Coffee Talk seeks to develop awareness on gay issues in an entertaining way. Please help spread the word by liking the show and sharing it with your friends.

Coffee Talk Episode 3 – Dress (2013)
3:36 min – Short Film Series – Released on August 8, 2013 (USA)


Chris…..Cole Doman
Alex…..Scott Shimizu
Writer & Director…..Matthew Wrobel
Director of Photography…..Ryan Marshall
Sound Technician…..Nicholas Cartwright
Producer, Editor…..Stefan Pfister

Screenings & Awards

Official Selection Pride Films & Plays Gay Film Weekend Chicago 2013


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