Football (Coffee Talk 2) PosterA gay college football player’s first day at the team. Is he courageous enough to flirt with his teammates?

Cage, a gay college football player, would tell if somebody asks about his sexuality, but his flamboyant roommate and college friend Larry is upset that Cage didn't dare check out his new, hot teammates just to avoid trouble. Can he motivate him to overcome his self-restraint?

Coffee Talk 2 - Football seems to reflect the zeitgeist: In 2013, professional soccer player Robbie Rogers came out and blazed a trail as one of professional sports first openly gay athletes. In the same year, Jason Collins became the first active openly gay basketball player of the NBA. And finally, Michael Sam became the first publicly gay football player in the history of the NFL. And in 2014, Chip Sarafin became possibly the first publicly gay college football player.

Young players are often scared of coming out to their teammates, because they think they are not allowed to play anymore. In this respect, professional gay athletes act as role models for youth. Their and our short film’s message is clear: Don't be afraid of who you are. You can succeed as a gay athlete. And you have more friends than you think.

Quotes From the Film

I'm not hiding my sexuality, if somebody asks me, I'll tell. – Gay college football player Cage Click To Tweet

I don't have glitter on my face, that would be so 2008! – Larry Click To Tweet

Still From the Film

Behind the Scenes

Football (Coffee Talk 2), Web Series, 3:10 min, USA 2013
In English with subtitles in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Credited Cast: George Christopher Tronsrue (Cage), Dustin Rothbart (Larry)
Credited Crew: Illimani Ferreira (Writer), Ryan Marshall (Director of Photography), Nicholas Cartwright (Sound Technician), Jamie Vicha (Production Design), Stefan Pfister (Director, Producer, Editor)

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