Are gay guys with tattoos hot or a turn-off?Are gay guys with tattoos hot and sexy or just a real turn-off?College friends discussing pros and cons of tattoos.

College student Tim left the hottest jock in the world: He simply can't have sex with a tattooed guy. But muscle hunk Marc usually gets turned on and believes, tattoos are hot symbols of a man's pride and masculinity. When the discussion about tattooed gay men gets heated, Marc tries to change Tim's mind with an unconventional measure...

Coffee Talk is an anthology web series about gay college friends confronting hot-button issues over a cup of coffee. Mixing comedic elements with dramatic moments, each show presents the most discussed pros and cons about a topic in a very condensed way, and so seeks to develop awareness about gay issues.

Quotes From the Film:

Gay guys with tattoos are just ladies trying to look like real men, that's all. -Tim Click To Tweet

A hot tattoo on a man’s muscled arm always will drop you to your knees, darling. -Marc Click To Tweet

Stills From the Film

Behind the Scenes

Tattoos & Muscles (Coffee Talk 1), Web Series, 2:49 min, USA (2013)
In English with subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Credited Cast: Nicholas Hyland (Tim) • Stanley King (Marc)
Credited Crew: Stefan Pfister (Writer, Director) • Adam McMath (Director of Photography) • Jamie Vicha (Set Design)

2 thoughts on “Tattoos & Muscles (Coffee Talk 1)

  1. Cute short! I have tattoos and have had maybe 2 guys say no when they find out I’m tat’d, most guys think it’s hot. I like the end, it was sweet and made me want to watch more. Good job!

  2. This is a great video it’s really on point. It shines a light on the subject of tattoos. I have tattoos and I’ve had people say that they’re hotttttt. On the other hand I’ve had people run. This video could go on and on his far as I’m concerned. It’s a very interesting subject. Great!!

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